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Community Empowerment

AMACHAJUL provides  community leadership for a brighter future through supporting opportunities for increased knowledge, decision making and practical skills for the neediest families with no resources. The men and women on the AMACHAJUL Board are  Ixil from the community of Chajul. Local decisions are made to meet local needs through collaborative planning, community action and change for community capacity building.

How we do it?

Through education and skills training AMACHAJUL supports the development of professional men and women and Mayan entrepreneurs of peasant families who are  responsible, honest, capable of generating, innovating, applying techniques and technologies for the increase of sustainability and optimization of agricultural production, or tourism as a source of social and economic development. AMACHAJUL supports the maintenance of a cultural tradition through crafts and contributes to food security, education and health.

Social Entrepeneur Opportunities

Entrepreneur education and programs are offered based on community need  and employment  potential

Basico scholarships

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AMACHAJUL provides Basico scholarships (Basico level is equivalent to Middle School in the USA.) for youth whose families  are committed to a better future through education. Contracts are signed by parents and students that cover agreements for attendance, knowledge and skill achievement, and participation in community development activities through their time and talent.

Basico Scholarships  provide  the tuition, books, supplies, clothing, travel, tutoring and support systems needed for success.  Parents and students sign a TIME AND TALENT  contract.

Intergeneration Bi-lingual Preschool

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Ixil is the Maya indigenous language in this region. Spanish is a foreign language requiered for education and business and is best learned in an bi-lingual program before age 5.

Maya Ixil Youth Leadership Development

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AMACHAJUL donors sponsor Soccer Youth Development teams.

Soccer can change lives and transform communities for the better. Organized with leadership development at its core, soccer equips the young people with life and leadership skills to make a change in their communities. Many have faced a life of hardship, but have excelled in social responsibility and community engagement.

Community development

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Activities focus on Education, Agriculture, Tourism Promotion, Handicrafts, Health and Food, with the purpose of improving the economy of the Mayan population of the lower class and generating opportunities for men and women of different Mayan ethnicity.

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Vocational Skills Training Scholarships

Vocational Skills training is offered based on community need  and 

employment  potential

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